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World pleasures
Snapshots from Marjane Satrapi's new illustrated book

Mehrdad Aref-Adib
October 26, 2006

In her fourth book 'Chicken with Plums', Marjane Satrapi tells the story of her great-uncle, Nasser Ali Khan, a musician overtaken by a sense of futility and emptiness over the loss of his tar. Though Nasser Ali Khan tries very hard, he cannot find another tar to replace his broken one. In despair, he takes to his bed, renouncing the world and all its pleasures. Over the course of eight days that follows, his family and close friends attempt to change his mind, but Nasser Ali Khan slips further and further into his own reveries, with unexpected appearance by Sophia Loren. Despite the minimalism of its approach, 'Chicken with Plums' still packs quite a punch. Highly recommended.

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