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Evil eye
Paintings by Farideh Esfandi

October 9, 2000
The Iranian

"Ever since I was a little girl," Farideh Esfandi says, "my mother and grandmother taught me how to see beauty in all the simple things in life. My Grandmother's garden was my first color palette with apricots as my yellow, grapes my green and cherries my red. I know now why I always like to paint women dressed in clothes showered with colorful flowers."

Noice the evil eye painted in all her work, to avoid back luck.

Esfandi , born and raised in Oroumiyeh, northwest Iran, studied photography and cinema at the Iranian National Television College. She joined the state television as a photographer and graphic designer where she worked for 17 years. Her works have appeared on numerous books and magazine covers and she has participated in several group exhibitions in Iran, Europe and the U.S.






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