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The occupied territories

By Reza Sami Gorgan Roodi
August 16, 2001
The Iranian


The birds

write a pattern of barbarity

in the twilight of the sky;

they weep the dark song of a divided city.

The nocturnal beasts

invade the night's shell of loneliness.

The moon

rises from behind the barbed wires

with blood on her face.

The venomous clouds

creep in from behind the dark hills

to camourflage the wounded trees.

The wind

howls through the armoured vehicles

throwing his ragged shirt over the fields.

The waves


as the storm besieges the sea.

The stranded reeds

experience moments of displacement.


blast bullets into the skulls.

The desert of eternal madness

roars as dark as death.

In these folded territories of blood and loneliness


is a lunatic


the back of

sweet wounded children,

wearing the tattered coat of their skins,

firing their flesh into the air.

-- 19 March 2001

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