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Too late

By Shadi Assar
March 19, 2002
The Iranian

She kissed upon his lips the words of a thousand I love yous

and lullabied his stubborn heart to sleep

She watched his slumber with adoring eyes

Not a sound she made as he slept

She watched the innocent slumber

But knew his heart and mind were in those dreams.

He kept this sleep on and on like a mask

"I must be in those dreams" she concluded.

So she sat waiting for him to awaken and embrace her like before.

Not a single sound she made.

Not a single sound she made as she died

under the layers of dust collected upon her.

As the last heartbeat turned into a memory

She wished she had cried out his name for help

But it was too late.

Not feeling her presence, he awoke and blew away all of his promises.

But this breath landed on her dust

and inspired her heart to beat twice.

He heard.

But he did not care to listen.

He put on his flimsy jacket and stepped out of the warm house

Into the cold crisp air

Only to be blown back inside

But why?

"What happened to her?" he thought

But he never searched.

He took off his jacket and threw it

as far as he could and ran out the back door.

The dust flew straight up into the air

and shook frantically within the dim light from the kitchen.

Grasping each other once again -- tightly --

they fall down back onto her lap.

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By Shadi Assar

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