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No matter how you look at it
Photo essay: handicapped children

Note: This feature was published a year ago, but only for a few hours.
Kaveh Golestan, who was killed yesterday by a landmine in
northern Iraq while working as a cameraman for the BBC,
asked that these photos be removed because of problems
with authorities in Iran.

By Kaveh Golestan
April 3, 2003
The Iranian

These images were made by processing digital video with Photoshop. The original pictures are from a news report I made several years ago about the conditions of life at a hospital for mentally handicapped children in Tehran.

The harshness of the images in the report shocked some people, who falsely accused me of manipulating my images for more shock effect. I did not, and could not have done so. But their accusations gave me the idea to try what they had feared I had done.

These images are the result: bringing together every digit of reality framed in front of me and shattering it to make an abstrac emotional puzzle. But now I see that the bitter reality remains the same, no matter how one tries to distort it.


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