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Getting lost
by Panteha Sanati

August 24, 2003
The Iranian

Panteha was born in the winter of 1970 in Tehran where she lived until she was eleven years old. She spent the next five years in Switzerland and England and celebrated her 16th birthday in San Diego, California. Panteha remained in California for the next 17 years until she moved to Massachusetts in early 2003, where she currently resides with her life partner and a pet rabbit See paintings >>>

When asked for the meaning of her name, she responded: "In the pagan era, the Greek built temples of worship, the pantheons, housing their many gods. This was later adapted in the literature of ancient Persia and subsequently chosen as a female name."

Even though Panteha holds a bachelor degree in social science and fine arts from San Diego State University, she finds art to be her ultimate sanctuary and paper and paintbrush to be her creative outlet. "I love getting lost in a world where no one or nothing can intrude." And lost, she gets. Sometimes she becomes so focused and involved in her art that she forgets the passage of time. "My art and my thoughts are the only place where I can take refuge in this crazy world."

A self-taught artist, Panteha is modest about her innate ability to learn from other artists and to mimic the basics. "Anyone can do it! That's how I learned to paint: I used to stare at the pictures and illustrations in my story books when I was a child and often spent more time looking at the pictures than I spent reading the actual text."

Panteha believes that art, music and literature are intertwined and that the existence of one is rooted in that of the other. She believes that old art breathes life into new art and that any creation is shaped and influenced as a result of its creator's experiences and surroundings, changing and growing with that individual.

Panteha's experiences and surroundings have made her explore many different artistic media. When asked how she selects her medium she says: "The particular project or subject itself determines the medium."

As for the mood of her art, she enjoys invoking a feeling of melancholy as well as elation and laughter in her audience See paintings >>>

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By Panteha Sanati



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