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A love letter

By Leila Shirazi
December 11, 2003
The Iranian

When I wake in the morning and look out the window, at the ribbons of color rising endlessly into the sky, I catch a glimpse of your name written in the breeze, gently rousing the trees from their slumber.

Just hearing your voice hanging heavy in the air flushes my cheeks and sends my heart into hysterics. Your words leave me smiling hours after they have ceased.

Oh, how it aches that it will never be. A union of souls never being the fruit of their destiny.

When I look into his eyes, and kiss his lips, I will be dreaming of yours.

His hand is a vice when it holds mine - imprisoning me and keeping me from reaching out to you.

It's amazing how this happens; why we all can't break away.

But then again, what is life without a yearning like this?

Thank you, my love.


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By Leila Shirazi



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