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By Moe
July 8, 2003
The Iranian

goodbye laleh, goodbye ladan
i've just heard from the cnn man

you will be missed enormously
though you'll be with us eternally

true you looked at the world askew
it was the world that looked at you

courage and determination we knew
by just seeing your faces on Yahoo!

you leave a lot of loved ones behind
and strangers that you never knew

deciding now to go under the knife
after many years of veritable strife

knowing the risks you knew well
that you may not wake up again

or what if one of you survived
how could the other play the part?

two lives entwined for 29 years
for a moment apart would not live

through hardships how you elevate!
we must not but your life celebrate

tears will flow for your brave souls
as you mingle among the star shoals

goodbye laleh, goodbye ladan
the world misses you --
but smile we can!

-- moe
4 am tue 8 july, 2003
san francisco

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By Moe




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