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Delivering nudes

By Pantea Karimi
June 26, 2003
The Iranian

Abundant shadows and a palette of vibrant colours reflected in moonlight are my favourite painting elements for creating still life using chalk pastel, ink, and colour pencil. But for my nudes, I enjoy delivering them into an imaginary space occupied with diverse ideas about human body while expanding my range by adding mixed media as well.


A Leo painter born in ’72, I began at six to colour my childhood expressions on drawing paper. I started professional lessons at fourteen, continuing with collegiate study of Graphic Design and received my B.F.A in 1996, followed by M.F.A. in 1999.

My field of research on graphical layout and composition ranged from Children’s paintings and film advertisements to early 20th Century Russian posters and publications of the Persian Qajar dynasty.

I have been residing in England since early 2001 where I have been seeking knowledge and expressing art through competitive exhibitions in both physical and cyber space galleries. Most of my new audiences are from Western Europe and North America now.

I discovered much of my work’s inspirations from ten years of tutoring children in illustration and painting. Playing classical guitar, xylophone and sol-fa, also stimulated my creativity in presenting visual impressions.

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Perfect Pose

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By Pantea Karimi

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