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Today he lived, today he died

By Amir Nooriala
July 8, 2003
The Iranian

A poem I hope will be proved wrong on 18 Tir:

Today He lived today he died,
The day he died, no one cried,
Long forgotten the pain he paid,
All they have is from his grave.

A young man walks headband blood soaked
He fought for dreams for Victory he hoped
His time was now He fought for change
Change follows him now, but it is not the same

Student friends hide revolutionary smiles
In parks old men's ties offer silent denials
Short-sleeved clergy lend prayers to the needy
Only once a week my friend don't be greedy

History's cyclical times and past cyclical mistakes
Rushing for change, Bureaucracy forcing the brakes
Fighters have drive, but lost leadership and dreams
Their protests and pain need a leader driven scheme

A father's smile while no music is played
Her mothers hum while no dancing displayed
His sister is in white sitting quietly proud
White dress covering the floor silently loud

No free artistry any more
Activities dictated by law
Show your joy respectfully,
Iran has changed regretfully.

Long forgotten sorrows
Of yesterdays tomorrows
Lead me to believe his dreams and hopes have failed

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