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Element of surprise

By Amad Eslami
June 30, 2003
The Iranian

In my paintings, I am interested in relationships between colors and use them to express basic human emotions, or tragedy, doom and ecstasy. I believe that more can be described visually in a single gesture than in a novel. I try to capitalize on this power, capture the eternal truth that holds us all, tie them up and put them into my paintings.

I believe that art comes from within, from profound experiences, memories, other art and longings. However, the inspiration for my paintings also comes from nature, the human figure, and the landscape. I am deeply influenced by the environment in which I live.

My process usually begins with a spontaneous and intuitive approach. I have always been drawn to the mystery of the process of making a painting, more than recreating a fixed image or subject. When the elements of color, composition and brushwork start to come together, that's when the real interest begins. At that point I believe it is important to be open to the element of surprise and changes throughout the process.

I believe art is intuitive and timeless. It is a process of discovery, a gift, a curse, a universal language, a communicator and a philosopher. It speaks beyond words. Art involves the senses of touch, taste, sound, smell and sight. Even the sound of pencil applied to paper, the feel of brush in hand and the sensuality of paint inspire me to creat. >>> See paintings

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By Amad Eslami

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