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One million watts

By Ardeshir Tabrizi
October 3, 2003
The Iranian

I am a twenty two year old painter born in Teheran, Iran. I moved to America at the age of four and I have lived in Los Angeles, California ever since.

I started painting to speak in a way I never could before, in a way that I can clearly be heard. I paint to say everything and leave nothing out. I paint every thought, word and emotion with color and lines in hopes that the viewer will perceive and understand.

I try to push all boundaries of painting past and present, in order to evolve this art into something new, something more widespread and universal. In a way, something for the people, something for humanity.

To me my paintings are canvases that are alive - they are my thoughts and my philosophy banging on one million watt speakers. Some people fight with strength and words, but painting is my weapon of choice- my weapon used against all of humanities unmentionable acts. A weapon that fights hate with love and oppression with freedom.

In a way I am crippled, for I have no out let to plug my one million watt speakers and that is why this has found its way to you, my friend >>> See paintnings

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By Ardeshir Tabrizi
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