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Unspoken dreams


By Dara S. Esfandiary
September 4, 2003
The Iranian

Naked, I stand before my creator and humbly ask:
From whence came I, this sullied vessel of innocence?
Silence prevails as time hails my struggle to unmask
The mysterious secrets of nature's greatest pretense.
Where lust for life and love is so deliciously immense,
Even noble innocence ruefully adorns the death mask.
Impervious to the silent ravages of insatiable avarice,
Fruits of the copious taboo orchards lusciously bask.
Whilst nurturing rays of runaway passions go to task,
Destiny's destiny banishes truth to a heavenly solstice.
Undaunted, I try to make some sense of all this nonsense,
And guess and guess, finding nothing but a dark abyss.
The distant flicker of the almighty wick suffuses incense
With hallowed allure - a tryst awaits with the Judas kiss
As I harken to the siren's beguiling call - at any expense.
Believing that the Ineffable Tango is no empty promise,
I release myself in glorious abandon that I may reminisce
Of a love so chaste even the dark angel would acquiesce.
Yet, the stupor of dreams within dreams offers no defense
Against the evanescence of hope born of love's good sense.
Love is the mirror to life, and life is but a kiss of eternal bliss.
Wherefore then hides my soulmate foisting such suspense?
I love again and again in abject vain hoping that she exists
Knowing all too well that this dream, no matter how intense,
Remains beholden to the scythe of time - that great gnosis
Who gives and takes with the impunity of all the fates.
I cry my unspoken dreams, as tears fill the celestial oasis-
Where innocence, the elixir of love, endlessly procreates-
And another broken vessel slowly drowns in silent straits.

Washington, D.C.
August 7, 2003
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By Dara S. Esfandiary



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