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Random thoughts

By Reza Kassai
April 8, 2004

"Random Thoughts" is an ongoing life project that takes different directions with the flow of time. My images come from all I see in the world around me, from daily observation. I am particularly interested in the ways in which technology affects our lives for good and for ill. Though my subject matter is continually evolving, what remains constant in  "Random Thoughts" is my interest in human emotion in everyday events. I aim to communicate in a universal language by  challenging myself to express the image in its simplest form. For example a circle with a single dot in the middle represents a face.

By juxtaposing humor, tragedy, fantasy, illusions, and dream-images with social and political allusions, I hope to remind the viewer of the passage of time, and how trendy philosophies are not in harmony with lasting values.  My present work involves whimsical and child-like stick-figure drawings incorporated with words and writings in different languages; this iconography records my feelings about the overlap and layering of archetypal subjects, like primitive languages or cave drawings, and fad contemporary culture. All images are acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

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Life of an immigrant

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By Reza Kassai


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