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Thank you


By Ardalan Esfandiari
April 14, 2004

General Ricardo Sanchez in a recent briefing to reporters in Baghdad stated
"America is a benevolent power"

Thank you for your benvolence
Thank you for the benevolence of your leaders who have replied
to the question "How many civilians have you killed?":
................."it's a not a number I'm interested in"
................."we do not keep track of these figures"

Thank you for your benevolence when Saddam was massing his troops to invade Kuwait
and you did not stop him till he did.

Thank you for your benveolence when you killed (You're not interested in how many)
tens of thousands of Iraqis to push Saddam back into Iraq.

Thank you for your benvelonce when you exhorted the Iraqi people to rise
against Saddam and when they did he killed tens of thousands of them. And
you did nothing.

Thank you for your benvolence and your decade old sanctions which resulted in
should I say or are you also not interested in knowing?

Thank you for your benevolence for not killing more than you already have.

I won't even ask why.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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