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Afsaneh's villanelle


Tarssa Yazdani
August 7, 2004


My little sister's name means fairy tale
In an ancient language I don't speak,
Promising a story that ends well

Peaking on a mountain border trail
Where she and I and mystery will meet.
My little sister's name means fairy tale

A filigree of vowels, a ringing bell
Liquid crystal display on the turquoise screen,
A story promised, zipped and sent email

Transliterated sentences exhaled
Blown to me across a lightning streak.
My little sister's name means fairy tale

A lightly nuanced turn, a loosened veil
Of words, phrases dangling incomplete,
A story full of promises entailed

What I want, I want in every cell
Of my being; seeing, being seen.
My little sister, name our fairy tale
Promise me a story ending well

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