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By Avideh
June 2, 2004

She gifted me the book,
I ended up reading it with such a hook,
Shared bones of mutually experienced clings

He brought me into this world,
I overwhelmed him with my words
He named me his I called him mine
We added to each other hence a lot more

I took his hand out of my needs,
He clutched to mine just for a squeeze,
We head to chances all to be seized

They kept their pain deep inside,
She carried hers all in her mind,
Bidding goodbyes no tears in eyes
Hopping on life setting on dreams

We gripped our hopes round the other,
We kept the faith into another,
We waved despairs away from each other,

Converging symphony of life
Solo to emphasize
Duo goes intensified
One to be lone... two means bifocally grown

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By Avideh
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