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The misplaced locality

By Hossein Hashemi
March 31, 2004

Blade and mirror, the torch and ether
Downers and uppers upfront
The fine white powder
Powering up postindustrial
human machinery

Work is dull, play is in the bowl
Time for ecstasy, to indulge in
fantasy, to evade
The disoriented reality
On a San Franciscan San Jose locality
Or, as in Afghani Kabul hospitality
Silver screen reddish glowing
the glass water pipe bubbling as if boiling
Suckling the Savior's high tech herd
Or, the disdained low tech Muslim shepherd

Sharing all the cool breeze
When postmodern times freeze
Humiliating autocratic theocracy
Rejecting rhetorical democracy
Making fun of the Republican hypocrisy
Adhering to the tribal bureaucracy
Well, who cares...

What a relief, the lightness of hunger
The readiness of thunder
No need for pizzas to go in vain
No need for famines to plant the grain
African rift valley needs no more rain
Hungry children! Feel no more pain
The poor gets all he needs through the UN
USA is aiding the whole world via Maine
Iran is sticking to its promises made in Yemen
Everything is fine! Let's get rolling

Filling the lungs, the nostrils are relieving in exhale
taking the enriched air, reviving the systemic wild bear
Lightening the body, orbiting ethereal bodies
Erotically embracing distant buddies
What a glow, ablaze is the heaven
Reproductive instrumentation readily discharging
Fluid agglomerations, agglutinating distant pleasures
This is sacrilegious reunification
Lifting heretofore deeply held prohibitions
permissive is pornographic illustration
Distancing reason, approaching instinctive beacon
Hot feeling is gone, sped up is circulation
Cooled down is the pipeline complication
The core is functioning well, yet breaking probation
is the probable cause for further future litigation
For now, the system is approaching stabilization
Psychosomatic agility, digestive facility
The generalized numbness is contradictorily so
Enhancing the sensory stimulation
Extending anesthesiology
into interactive social physiology

Feelings of innovative significations
Powered up, accelerated, multiplied
Verbal operation
Physical deformation
Ideological misinformation
Exaggerating unification
Underestimating identification...
All appearing so pleasant
Scanned are far skies
A star is born, the other is torn
Wondrous overlapping galactic arrangements
Much better than the Hubble's 3D enlargements
The cerebral cortex activation
The time races, as place meets brightened faces
Light years locale at reach
like scratching an insect's itch
Suddenly the glowing torch dies
Faced we are, the cocaine supply lies
The morning sun streaming in
Gazed are our all eyes
As the ticking clock displays real time
Jack Daniel bourbon breaks the fast
otherwise use the Russian vodka at last
easing the paranoia of freebasing fast
Utopia I make to meet the day
Rising to the limits, where imposed boundaries lay
Enjoy liking Sir Thomas Moore who spoke too much
Yet narrated his Utopia to give us a hunch
They extracted then buried his tongue, we found it later
In dried up ponds of the Orient's despotic prehistoric fake lakes
Where running sunny days demand utopian starry nights
More real than the blinding, shadowy sunshine, which is
Disguising, blocking the ever-glowing night-time's Galactic shine
Preserving our mortal remains
Converting them back into staring suns againAs time hastens to free
Those who dare to feel free
Utopia I make, in the absence of the free
In the presence of the brave
To change versus a dream
An American's dream which makes him work 9 to 5
overtaxed and cheated by the phony politicians
An Afghani's to find his last lost son in the war
Or, the Iraqi's to have a good night's sleep
Once in a while
An Iranian's dream for private sphere
To be left alone to work out his miseries

The free is not free without a fight
To be free is to have escaped
The freebased tranquility, the absolute relativity
The free is naturally tranquilized
The chemical free is sun burnt
Immersed in the late capitalist media's
Insane blinding sunny glare
Occupying everywhere
Injecting heavy dosage of irrelevant data
The stars have to be seen
Through the naked eyes
On horizons a light bird flies
In a mellow shade permitting the vision
To envisage the ever-moving universe
To sense the differential rates
Not to gaze at a mazy daze
In the name of the holly Sun
Which makes even the thick dark
lens fry in a stupor try
Or, in a phony dream to colonize the Mars
Yet to dominate the earth, while lacking the merit

In the cell, crack creates light
In the open, light cracks might
So I like light but not at night
Night is made to see all of light
Not that stupid bulb in the short sight
Keep the show up and running
Outside the utopia I make
the dire reality is at stake

Janet Jackson broke half the bra
Showing utilities of the existing law
Master-pissing the sibling in-law
The one into the under-aged pelvic area
Same sex marriage justification
Relative to state mediated ejaculation
As is the arranged Asian short copulation

The question remains to be or not to be
on the head scarf issue
which penetrates my skin tissue
Although what comprises the issue
is merely the skin tissue
Anthropologically speaking, on the scarf problematic
Hominid Canadiancus
is versus same species of Frenchiatus
Preceded by genus Iranianicus inhibitus
Meaning ironically inhibiting
Some read it Iranically inhabiting

The South American natives' pristine nudity
declares a form of universal immunity
to injustices born in the civic community
That long practiced savage sexuality questions
the rationale offered for the commercialized morality
Hence long much feared normal mortality
Contradicting the detained social reality
Nurtured by cabals of Mafia-like modality
To abuse fidelity as a toy to conceal
Progressive normality
To polarize immortality and mortality
To cash in over the language of formality
To make the weak forget his universality
Which has to exist in a specific locality
Then I wake


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By Hossein Hashemi


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