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Upon the arrival of spring

By Hassan Nabavi
March 31, 2004

I have made many decisions... reflecting upon the arrival of spring.
I wish these decisions would not get lost in the midst of vague and obscure dreams
I also wish that these decisions would not be pushed aside due to my inclination toward indolence

I wish to be a new person... upon the arrival of spring
And do all the good deeds I have contemplated to do
I wish to learn how to come to life like flowers, trees, and the new cells in my body
To throw away the old and to send the unwanted stuff into oblivion
And start everything anew
At every hour, every minute and every insignificant moment and everyday...

I wish to reconcile with myself... upon the arrival of spring
With myself that has been forgotten from time to time
With myself that fights with me
And at times forgets its closeness to me
And removes itself from me
And takes a front, and ultimately exasperates me

I wish to reconcile with myself... upon the arrival of spring
Not because life is very significant
Not because life is very dear
Just the way it is, why treat it with malice? With bitterness
Though we own the great privilege to forget and forgive

I wish to take life easier... upon the arrival of spring
And not to sell myself to very difficult and unnecessary endeavors
To learn what is simple in life, and to learn its value
Not to wish what doesn't exist... this works better
I have come to realize that tranquility is for the man who would not embrace life
With great expectations, and is satisfied with whatever he owns
And has no fear of loss...

I wish to keep these thoughts in mind not to feel so gloomy... upon the arrival of spring
I wish to keep in mind to smile upon saying goodbye and not having tears in my eyes
I wish to remember that the past is gone, and the humankind constantly changes
That the old moments come to an end and the new ones begin
It would always be fantastic to feel anew
That's perhaps when I won't fight with life
And perhaps Fridays are like any other days of the week
And its afternoons would not be so sullen

And... upon the arrival of spring

I have to take my books and blow the dust of some of those pages
And without being in search of any guidance or particular phrase
And without becoming engrossed in anyone's comments or criticism
Perhaps this would be a good approach to self-actualization
To read more and to reflect more...

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