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His and Hers poetry
Two poems


Haleh Anvari
November 10, 2004

The fly
I want to be a fly
On your wall
A sticky nasty insect
In your life

To hear you
See you
Smell you
Fucking your brand new wife

I want to see the bliss
That warranted
The kiss of death
To my tatty old love

I want to feel
Your happiness hurt
Stab me in the eye
Slap me in the face
When you blurt
her thorny name
In your ecstacy
Melting in the eye

The storm of your fantasy,
The gale of my jealousy
Has delivered you
Proud hunter
To the slaughter House
Of love

Dressed to thrill
This Neanderthal waif
Prissy charm on tap
She's the greatest
Vaginal thinker of our time

Her pale skin
Her baby pink flesh
So alluring the method
So sublime

Didn't you hear
The fake throatiness of her voice
Breathless Harpie on heat
Didn't you see her
Sharpening her claws

Didn't it occur
When you caressed the fur
Between her legs
the trap was laid
Of rancid roses your bed was made

You laid to rot my dreams
In her fleshy tomb
To bear my child my hate
To live my life

The womb the weapon
Love's arsenal
She made the move
I didn't dare

I want to be a fly
In your head
I want to sit
And stare

I want to see you happy
I want to see you hurt
I want to see you cry.


The switch
You have the kids
The house the car
The e.mail address

I have the dreams
The morbid wishes
The curses the fits

By motherhood
No more a whore
A tart a friend

You play the part
A prima donna
In my bed
In my house
Squatting leering
In my Dreams

In the mirror
Over the sink
You stare at me
With insipid blue
You wanted to be me
God I want to be you

My nausea subsiding
My knees still weak
My eyes out of focus
I'm shaking I'm sick

The scent of fear
The stench of wine
The nightmare's dew
The ice my skin
The heat the truth

The shame
The shame
I am the freak
Who loved a heathen
Who looked like a god

I tore out the fruit
And made it rot
The wisdom insane
The hurt its freedom
My reason the pain
Of being different

I want to run
My legs are lead
I want to fly
But my senses have bled
Except for instinct
From my wretched skin

This will be your biggest heist
Pretty white thief
You two are so right
by popular belief

same shade
same tongue
same tribe
same genes
of the supreme right beings

Roam in my bed
With your thrashing charm
Stain my sheets
Where tears dropped
Where honesty lost
To superior race

You wanted to be me?
You wanted this place?
Where love disappears
At your behest

The blade is switched
Love's scavenging beast
You are welcome
To this poisonous feast.

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