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No love lost


M. Alami
November 10, 2004

I hate George Bush
And the paranoid world he has created
I hate Osama
And his hatred of everyone but Muslims
Hate all this convoluted politics
Hate all the rednecks who are so blind with their minds in the gutter
I hate the Government
Hate the war that they started
Hate all the killing
Day in and day out

I hate Halliburton
Hate-mongrels working to line their deep pockets
Those poor bastards the Iraqis- they must hate them
Seems like yesterday were buddies- I hate that
Imagine Fallujah- the hatred must be overwhelming

I hate the mullahs
With their filthy beards and backward ways
Hate their miserable existence, hate them in their death like their so-called Imam
Hate what they did to Iran
And how much hate they brought us- for what- I don‚t even know

I hate those rich Arabs sheiks
And I hate the smart-ass Israelis
Killing each other like they do
Poor bastards the Palestinians
I would hate to be one of them
To be dealt so much hatred
They must hate everything about us and everyone else

I hate all the anger and hatred in this little world of ours
It breeds nothing but anger- all this hate does
It makes us go around hating one another
It makes me what I am
And I hate that.

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