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Oh... I am a woman

Hedieh Sajadi

August 29, 2005

I am a woman
In the East
I am not a sinner
to repent
In the East
I am the "SIN " itself
I am the face
that should not be seen
I am the voice
that should not be heard
I am the body
that should not be touched
in the East
no one calls me
by my name
cause even my name
is forbidden 

in the East
I am the "SIN" itself
since the beginning of the time
I am the "SIN" itself
till the end of the time
I am the "SIN "
I am a woman

I am a woman
In the West
I am something to be bought
a beautiful container
with a firm butt
fake breasts
phony smile
and a face always young
if I am not
"THE" package
then I am not "THE " woman
I am a container for sale
that no one cares what it carries inside
In the West I am a woman
but dead
If I am not a butt nice
and so firm.

Oh... I am a woman
so tired of being a woman
I have been running
all my life
I have escaped the East
no desire to reach the West
I have no place to rest
Oh... I am just a woman
so damn tired
of being a woman.


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