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Thus speaks Zarathustra

Mehrdad Sanandaji
August 29, 2005

Standing by Cyrus’ resting place
We cannot deem ourselves as slaves.
The champion of human rights
The Lord’s anointed bids us rise
And reclaim our rightful place
Among the nations of the world.

In Darius’ hallowed halls
Burns that eternal sacred flame
That moves and warms every Persian heart
And brightly lights every Persian mind.

Ferdowsi’s stories of our past
Live on in Persian hearts and minds
To remind us of our legacy
And the glorious storied centuries past
That have made us who we are.

Creators of great beauty, culture and arts
Our legacy is rich
Our pride is strong
Our people are brave
And will fight
The hated tyrants
Who have betrayed our sacred trust.

The time is now!
The place is here!
Persia will rise again!
Persia will be free!

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