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The torch


Shoja Adel
February 2, 2005

For reopening of Statue of Liberty Park in New York after 9/11.

Let the torch down
Come down from your pedestal
Take a giant step
Reach the moon again
Leave the ashes of your twins there
Take another step across the ocean
Let me tell you my story in a flamenco dance
How I lick my wounds
To heal from the blast
Then come and sit by the Eiffel Tower
Let's share some cheese and wine
I'll tell you about love and care
That our fathers felt
When they molded you together
Come to Persepolis
Listen to the story how I saved it
When tanks came to level it, like Bamian
When you pass Falluja
Look at the sergeant
With foggy eye glasses
Holding the little girl
Who lost all her family to a blast
Bring your torch to Jerusalem
So we can see
The pool of tears that our children cry
Please take these memories home
To share, to teach, to enlighten
Pick up your torch
Hold it high
So I can see it
Even across the ocean

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