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The sum of infinity


M. V. Sanandaji
July 29, 2005

Eternity's child, the singular uniqueness of you,
Of me, of we, of all that is, has been, will be:
Infinity's sum is you, is me, is us,
Many recurrent yous, many mes, many wes,
Minds boggled, minds baffled, minds adrift
Lost, found, lost, found, and lost and found again,
Many times:
Beyond vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste,
Beyond senses, beyond life, beyond death,
Beyond all; yet within all:
Wretched solitary outcasts of Eden,
Fearful fleeting finitudes
Trembling dread-filled broken fragments
Of lonesome silent solitude
Time-compressed, space-stretched,
In that vastness without end, -
And yet redeemed by love alone:
Love, Eternity's child, infinite in power,
Endless in time, saves all, redeems all,
Endures all, creates all, is All.
It is you , it is me , it is we, it is All,
It is Infinity, it is Eternity,
It is the alpha and the omega,
And it endures forever.

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