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Dung flies


Ali Zandi
March 7, 2005

Everyone thinks the same
Yet no one is really thinking
Often they push you to your limit
Yet you suppress your anger
Perhaps, to make a difference
Or simply to live among them

It's funny how they all claim to be different
Tragically, they're merely senseless and polluted clones
Like flies living off dung their whole life and not knowing it
Trails of filth following them in their path, toxicating others

How can you get their attention and make a difference?
If you try to remove the dung, you are now their enemy
You must die for cutting off the purpose of their existence!
They cannot see another purpose outside their limited vision

It's sad that the best way to get their attention is to die!
It's sad that the best way to be noticed is to die!

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Ali Zandi


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