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You were told


Shoja Adel
May 8, 2005

I came to say good bye grandpa
He looked at my uniform and sighed
He turned to the picture on the mantel
As if looking for me in his platoon
Finally, he turned to me and said
War is always a lesson learned too late
He continued
We were told
Not to wake it up
We were told
It would take our children
We were told
Mothers would cry for the rest of their lives
We were told
Fathers who should be buried by their sons
Would bury their sons
We were told
It would turn the cities into ruins
We were told
The disease would spread over the land
We were told
Infants would suck on mothers dried breast
Till the last breath
We were told
Elderly couldn't hang on anymore
We were told
It would spread seeds of hate and revenge
To poison generations
We were told
It would turn us to monsters
Who could not love any more
We didn't believe it
Grandpa looked into my eyes and added
You were told


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