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Forest without leaves
Abbas Kiarostami installation at Victoria & Albert Museum

Photos by Nima Mina
May 2, 2005

Abbas Kiarostami has transformed one of the Victoria & Albert Museum galleries into a "three dimensional forest of trees, made up of huge hollow tubes completely covered by life size photographs of bark."

"The installation is part of long term investigation by Kiarostami into the way we see our surroundings. He believes that we have become accustomed to only look at the detail in nature once it has been framed and placed in a museum environment. Through this installation he persuades the viewer to take a closer look at the world around them," according to the exhibit introduction.

Also see photos of panel discussion with Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak (University of Marlyland, Center for Persian Studies) and Geoff andrew (Geoff Andrew, Senior Film Editor for Time Out London and Programmer for the National Film Theatre).

The exhibition will end June 5th, 2005. Admission is free. Organised by Iran Heritage Foundation, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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