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Mojgan Mazkoori
May 8, 2005

Last year's autumn leaves
Reluctant to accept poignant defeat
Rise up in the warming southern wind
And murmur their last ghostly songs

Softly awakening flowers yawn
Stir and spread their arms around
Remember, blushingly, their winter dreams
And smile at the hesitant morning sun

The sparrows have come back home
Dancing and singing with joy
Free are the bees and butterflies
The symphony of nature has at last begun

Now, the night cradles the silvery moon
Singing her a sad lonely tune
Cheerless, broods over their parting soon
With the chorus of stars on the silent pond

My heart broken, I stand here
Witnessing the magic birth of another day
Longing to believe in coming of the Bahar*
But winter remains, the cold winter of your love

-- Mojgan

* Spring

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