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Of past and present
Photo essay: Iranian-American art in San Francisco Bay Area

Jahanshah Javid
May 29, 2005

Photographs and video clips from "Of past and present" -- the first public presentation of "CrossConnections", a collective art project by Taraneh Hemami with Persis Karim. CrossConnections is a yearlong residency at California College of the Arts' Center for Art and Public Life that explores personal, political, and social concerns of the San Francisco Bay Area Iranian-American community through multidisciplinary collaborative art projects.

Held at the Intersection for the Arts gallery last month, the participating artists and writers were invited to engage in a creative dialogue reflecting on their past and present experiences, leading to the development of personal and collective pieces in the visual, literary, and performing arts.

Participants included: Seyed Alavi, Naseem Badiey, Ali Dadgar, Ala Ebtekar, Mahru Elahi, Iranshid Ghadimi, Haleh Hatami , Ghazaleh Hedayat, Taraneh Hemami, Afshean Hessam, Persis Karim, Parissa Milani, Amanda Movlai, Mokhtar Paki, Fariba Safai, Farnoosh Seifoddini, Roham Sheikhani, Nazanin H. Shenasa, Hadi Tabatabai, Bijan Yashar, Termeh Yeghiazarian, Shadi Yousefian.

The project's next public presentation "rePresent" will expand on their personal reflections of past and present as well as create collaborative pieces that focus on dialogue between and across artists and disciplines. Catch "rePresent" next month at the Oliver Art Center gallery at the California College of Arts in Oakland (5212 Broadway at College) on June 4 and 19, 2005 >>> Details

By Shadi Yousefian
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Video clips
* Art installation by Mokhtar Paki
* Persis Karim praises main organizer, Taraneh Hemami

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