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The choice


Niloofar Nafici
Ocotber 3, 2005

take this beat to the streets
not of rare formality
but sound that moves up from the depth of your soul to the sole's of your feet
let go into the sound
breathe in the world and exhale the shallow clowns

now take a step forward
stand at the edge of reality the edge of truth
now look back and see the world for what it's worth for all it's glory and all it's brute

find the beauty in the masses of hate
find light in the darkness and you'll find your fate
explore your mind and your past and realize
how the world is beyond all that just sits in front of you
it's time to really open your eyez

look at our country now with those eyez awaken from the facade of what this materialistic world teaches us
feel the pain of the youth
let it move through your body like the sound that touched your soul that touched your foot
don't take sympathy but get lost in the empathy the realization how there's so much more
so much more to fight for
to stand up for the girl who sells her body and cries at night
to the victim of the Iran Iraq war who has no sight
see the blackness that he only envisions
and there you'll find the answer to the questions of why they're put in this position

take two steps forward and look into the eyes of the executioner
putting them out to dry
look at him / no shame in his eyez
with his hand out for you to shake
this monster in disguise this holy man that's just like a implants
nothing more than a fake

cloze your eyez once again
wait you cant
you saw the executioner and his master plan
you saw the girl whose put her body of for filthy men to auction
u won't take anymore precaution
to the injustice
the war dressed up in a cause
to prolong their evil regime
as they keep configuring like thieves in the night on how to keep up with their scheme

now time to take 3 steps forward
to a whole new place
a time before all this blew up in our faces'
when a man came off a plane and with the first step unto our pure soul
he would use the first suicide bomber a 13 yr old
and begin taking the toll
one by one, over a Million to be exact
taking over like a disease while they sit in their pedestals
making this country infected from the use of their deceitful soul saving tools
they sit in their lavish homes and sip the finest tea
while we're given sickness from their ruthless mouths,
to hate chanted during prayer, prostitution as a means for a woman to survive
and drugs that are cheaper than a meal used on to just get by

you can't close your eyes
cuz this horror cannot remain the same
you're eyez are open to the devil in a turban
the images have become too disturb'n
and you can't look away
your sick of hearing whose to blame
and the gun of truth you're ready to aim
so now you take 3 steps back
you see the executioner and shoot straight through his face
with the arrow of reality that he cannot control your mind
nor your eyez that see through his evil wrath behind his black cape

two steps back after that
you're holding that 17 yr old girl whose just been paid to be raped
you're blind like the man hoaxed in a war
before he even turned 14 and could take on anymore
seeing friends blown up, family starved, and one by one their grave stones being carved
your in beheshteh zahra

and you look down..
to a tablet with flowers and no name
cuz in 1980 that you who it could've became
now to your right a young girl your sister
who could've been the shattered
after being beaten by a man who wanted more from her than a moment of pleasure
to your left your brother
taken back by his blinded sight
uses drugs, has lost hope and eventually will take his life

nothing to live for
they have lost everything
praying that they could just get up from being thrown down unto the floor
will you let you let them take anymore?

experienced these lives
you let their stories move through you
like that music that entranced your soul
and now when you stand on your feet
to the emptiness and the ignorance you've taken control
gone from unaware to
finally become'n whole
an element has found it's way into your life
the one that will change all of their strife
that will cut through and bring through the light
the act of
that you finally chose to open your eyez

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