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Uncontainable laughter


September 29, 2005

In those moments,

When tears scatter down my face-

my stomach tightens up-

As if, exerted 100 sit-ups.

The only time I actually

feel the muscles in my face-

Become sore and ache.

And my mind-

In that very moment,

I’m distant from any suffering,

any fears, distress,

agony, or torment from this life.

Sometimes it can last up to hours.

Sometimes just a tiny reminder

to tickles my mind.

This is the uncontrollable laughter

That I experience with my


My family-

My longtime loyal best friends.

The people in my life that I trust

And can count on.

When am in need of a shoulder to cry on.

When in trouble and need an honest opinion.

When my entire world is shattered and I need

A helping hand to piece it together.

When I need to feel protected from

All the harm that surrounds me

Healing from this chicanery life of foes.

This laughter is not something you can

Feel from an acquaintance.

From some one you just met on a lucky night.

Its not a laughter your feel alone.

Not a laugh that can be inspired by no


This is a perpetual laughter-

Only sensed with people-

That I’ve invested precious moments with.

Learned their every annoying habits

And loved every second of their kind

Such giving and loving hearts;

My mother my father my sister

My brother my best of best friends.

My loved ones.

This was the uncontainable laughter that I felt

Next to you.

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