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When thunder rolls


Hedieh Sajadi and Benjamin Graber
April 18, 2006

When thunder rolls,
Beating the rhythm of your sorrow,
When a storm is raging in your heart,
Keep your head above the clouds--

When the stars leave you by yourself,
Facing the darkness of the night,
When wind sings you nothing but sad melodies,
Light up your soul with the fire of Love--

When hope is dead,
And the tomb is sealed,
When death has swallowed joy,
The stone that was rolled away...

When the dreams are shattered to dust,
Vanishing in the hands of time,
When heart is broken to pieces,
Each piece stabbing like a sword,

When the roses are withered,
Leaving you only with thorns,
When despair covers your body,
Sending chills to the bones,
The treasure that is hidden under all these ruins...

The storms may thrash your soul,
The night may dim your mind,
Your dreams may die,
Your heart grow cold,

But a seed only lives
After it dies.
You will taste
A victory over death,
Peace through the thunder,
Light through the darkness,
And a life made alive through Christ.

O death, where is your sting?

Spring comes after a long winter,
Calm dances its way through the storm;
Be patient with the times in hardship,
Like a mother who goes through pain
Giving birth to the joy of life

O death, where is your victory?

I see fire under the ashes ready to ignite,
I see light kissing the nights,
I feel the healing touch of Jesus
Giving sight to the blind;
I feel his life giving breath
Resurrecting death... giving life;
I feel all the impossibles become possible
With the permission of God...

O death, where is your sting?
You can never capture my soul!
As long as Love is alive,
Hope is living, too.
As long as the Tomb is empty,
Death can have no hold on us.

(c) 2006 Hedieh Sajadi and Benjamin Graber.

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