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Photo essay: Women in Tehran coffee shops

Amirali Ghasemi
January 6, 2006

Documentary photos taken by the artist from Tehran's most popular cafes (or coffee shops as we call them here in Iran). Coffee shops in Iran are the symbol of social freedom to some degrees due to the absence of a proper public space. It's a place where both splendidly motivated youngsters & intellectual brains gather, it's also a meeting place for the journalists as well. The faces of young ladies in these photos are hidden by blank spaces (stickers). By reducing the level of information that each photo can offer to the visitors, the artist has tried to prevent the Media from easily misusing, manipulating or interrupting the image in a mass global scale. But the connection isn't lost completely as visitors (users) are let to explore an interactive program based on the photos to know more about these ladies by clicking & listening ...

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