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Forgive me


Saeideh Mohajer
January 16, 2006

We all say things we don’t mean

Make promises we won’t keep

We live life as though it is free

Though we pay for it, indeed

You cheat me and, I cheat you

None of us are aware of the things that we do

You take actions and not bother to think through

And your actions will end up hurting both me and you

Though we’re both aware of the faults of our ways

We both end up doing it time and again

If I had a penny for all my mistakes

I could’ve bathed in the money that I’d earned

Saying things that I don’t mean

Making promises that I won’t keep

Is the reason I have failed

The breath of faith that I was to have inhaled

Escaped me and somehow I managed to exhale

Forgive me lord cuz I failed to live as you planned

Along the way I failed and never took a stand

But I ask that you allow me to make amends

Allow me to live my life the way that you planned

Forgive me father for I never planned to sin

And if I failed you there was weakness within me

Believe me father for I never planned to sin

I gave way to the darkness that was within me

Forgive me father for I never planned to sin!

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