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Three poems


Nilou Kian
January 16, 2006

My smile blossomed
At the first hint of gratification
Marking the end
Of the dispassion
I'd brought myself to get used to
No more qualms...
Overwhelmed by the pleasure
Of vengeance
Surprised by the bliss
Revenge felt gratifying
I felt beautiful
Like the strangers I'd always envied


I knew you
Like an old song
Like a classic
Sung by many
Adored by all
An old song
Sung yet again
With a new tune
I knew you
Word for word
I listened
Wanting to see how it'd go


It felt so right
Though uncertain
I knew your insides
I'd felt your soul
You were so restless
Did you remember her?
You gave me away to
I felt ugly
Like a dreadful moment filled with envy
I was unwanted.
A moment of doubt
Between two;
Suspicion and devotion
And you left me at that

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Nilou Kian


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