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To live and believe


Saeideh Mohajer
January 22, 2006

As I sit and look at all the things I’ve done

I wonder where it was that it all went so wrong

I’ve been a slave to my goals and to my dreams

To finally discover what they really mean

I discovered the goals and dreams that I have

They are valued cuz they’re  the only things I have

I live and breath for the day that they come true

What will I do if they all shatter and fall through

But do I really stand a chance

Can I live

Can I make amends

Is it a maze that we all struggle to get through

Or a straight line that points one way and then through

I never knew but it is finally time I asked

Deep inside I’m scared that this dream doesn’t stand a chance

All I know is that

If I live or I die

Till the last day I live I know that I’ll try

Give my dreams at least a chance

To live, love and make amends

It’s not the end goal that I seek

It’s the way I lived and the way I believed

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