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NO violence please
A word to muslims


M. Ashaq Raza
January 22, 2006

You are oppressed
You are depressed
You are stressed
You are distressed
But... NO violence please

You are blamed
You are tortured 
You are ashamed
You are defamed
But ... NO violence please

Your nations are invaded 
Your families, dears raided
Dragged you in battleground
Made suicide bombers, terrorists
But ... NO violence please

You are right
You are upright
Genuine your fight
Right is your sight
But ... NO violence please

Yet, in this trauma and noise
Listens no body your voice
Your struggle has no price
So make some other choice
But ... NO violence please

How wrong they make right
How right you make wrong
Understand their tactics 
You too then practice
But ... NO violence please

Made world blood pool they
Still how much see cool they
Look how divide and rule they
And how world make fool they
But ... NO violence please

Fight you tyrannies, injustices
The colonies and ill practices
Raise altogether you voices
You give holy sacrifices
But ... NO violence please

See the divine vision
Of your holy religion
Humanity whose mission
Many ways to serve then
But ... NO violence please

Display such character, affinity
The nobleness and humanity 
Disprove their all you speculation
Serve in that way God and religion
But ... NO violence please

Don't feel you deprived and isolated
Be global citizen, respect be respected
Don't be emotional! Think before any action 
Never damage! Protect your holy religion 
But ... NOT with violence please

Seek education, fight poverty
Serve the mankind, do charity
Uproot social evils, make a contribution
In sports, art, research, space, medicine
But ... NO violence please
Say NO to violence please
NO, NO, NO violence please

-- Asmara, Eritrea

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