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Welcome to Iran



Abtin Sadeghi
June 23, 2006

I am a 16 year old Persian boy living in London and missing Iran. I wrote this poem, which I think sums up Iran's effect on all of us.

Welcome to Iran. Over the sublime splendour of ancient lands, lies the
perpetual perfection of the Ruins at Persopolis. Hidden deep beneath the
ground, beneath the hustle and bustle of urban life, vanished through time
are the Golden Gargantuan of the Gardens of Babylon. Dilate your eyes as the
tremendous irradiance of the sun reflects of the luminous mosques of Esfahan
and grabs you in its powerful vice. Free your mind as you are transported to
a land where the ecliptic esteem of the ancient empire remains in every mind
of every person, eternally. A land where the sun is truly gold. Open your
eyes and feel your heart beat as you witness true Persian Delight.


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