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Dead to the world



Parviz Sadigh
June 23, 2006

Flowing through time with our eyes wide open and looking around at things to see,
Talking to people who may be happy or sad and thinking of what it is to be,
Knowing that we know nothing and knowing that nothing is good to know,
For within an empty mind, free of clutter, something good will grow.

We flow on through this puzzling stream of time hitting rocks along the way,
Sometimes stopping to think of things to say,
That don't mean much at all really,
But they do let the mind breath more clearly,

For it can often get clogged with muck from the stream,
Which slows it down and makes it dream,
Of things like power and material gain,
Of domination and selfish rain,

Which then pours down and floods the plains,
And pollutes the clear flow of our thoughts,
With infectious want for better things,
But with eyes wide shut to what that brings,

To our fellow man out of sight,
Who struggles to live and lives to fight,
Who can't even feed his family, as he is unable to compete with western production,
Which has brought him nothing but death and third world destruction.

And this they say is all ok,
Its right and just to behave this way,
For we fly the flag of democracy,
yet we court and praise blood thirsty dictators - I'm sick of this
fucking hypocrisy.

And its all around us all the time, and its hard to stay apart,
For it infects our souls and makes us dumb and chucks us on the cart,
And sends us down the tracks of time with blinkered views of life,
That tell us to shut up and stop thinking, its better to get a wife.

And settle down and have some kids and tell them it's a wonderful place,
This world of ours, which it is, just shame about the race.
And pay your taxes, and your fines too, and keep that mind cluttered,
For then you will easily forget what your prophets once muttered

In this time of new-age hype and amorality,
Of glossy magazines and degrading formality,
Of multi-national collectives eating all the cake,
And children brought up learning to hate.

So that they may one day take over this mantle of despair,
That has already been ripped open and laid bare,
For us to see and hate.
But this I pray is not their fate,

For times can change and minds are strong,
And people generally know what's wrong,
So stand up against the line and take a deep breath and chuck all that
clutter from your mind,
Don't be dead to this world, for its tired of our fuss and its peace we
want to find.

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