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Hey you


Farhad "Amir" Nabipour
March 4, 2006

"Hey you"

Are you there?
Are you awake?
Are you with me?
Are you with you?

Can you hear me, can you hear yourself?
Can you say anything?

Do you see me?
I am up here hanging! I don't know why?
Do you know me? Do you care?

Can you see me?
Can you see the rope? It is around my neck, I don't know why?
Can you see them? Their faces are covered, I don't know why?
I don't know much, I am just eighteen!

Do you know them, do you know me, do you know yourself, do you know God?
You have to know and believe!
Believe in yourselves, believe in Light, believe in Love believe in God!

You have to be as one
You and love! you and God! Be as a lovers. The love, above any others.
Love yourself, love eachother, love your life!

Sky was blue. Water was clear.
The land was there. You were there. I was there.
We were alive!

Go home now, the show is over, I am off the stage.
I am long gone, Now it is up to you.
The last thing I saw, was you. Standing there watching the show. Looking at me,
Like some ghosts. I thought you are dead!

Now, go. The show is over. I am long gone.
Steps are waiting for you. Take them!
They will take you to "The Journey of Freedom"!
Enjoy the journey, and get there. Home!
God is there!
Do you see the destination?
It's in your heart!
It's your home.

For Those Who Lost Their Lives For Us.
31t of Dec 2005

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