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You reap what you sow


The Bangman
May 21, 2006

Bang up, bang up, bang the word
The pen is mightier than the sword

Bang up, bang up, bang the word

From father to son, history to be told

Bang up, bang up, bang the word
As one, shine bright just like the sun

Bang up, bang up, bang the word
Honor, traditions and deeds to be told

Bang the light
Where there lurks amongst us in the shadows

The shadow dwellers,
Where there lives anguish of a thousand years

In the hidden recesses of history,
Where a golden calf gave birth to a red heifer

Khazars the phallic worshipers,
with broken dream and aspirations

Bang the banker,
The harvester of broken dreams and aspirations

Out of the boonies into boom town,
Harvesting a Zionist sole collector army,

We the people are marketing
Equal opportunity brand

Marketing terror war
By religion against religion and for a religion

Marketing new world order
Tyrannical freedom,

Clear the olive groves,
Here comes a new downtown

Down Sunset,
Get to finger a crack whore for a Big Mac

Marketing hormone cocktails and GM feeds,
Finger licking good USDA approved beef

We the people, marketing law and rules
Patented Farm seeds

We the people, marketing you people
Arab savage brand

We the people, marketing hallow
Oil, Hollow cost

We the people, world community
Marketing, you people the problem community.

Bang the word,
You reap what you sow,

Bang the word,
Iran's Turks, Baluchs, and Kurds are one.

Bang around,
Plant love it shall grow

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