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Where, when, how and which

Farhad Zaltash
April 15, 2007

Where, when, how and which - Basic English Grammer 101

Where the random stroke of pen
Becomes the secret-bearer of
Each verse.

When the rhythm of couplet
Becomes the soul's dance-step

How poems become the breath of
Existence, not a journey of
The narcissist in over-indulgence.

Which one is your true face?
The honest eight-headed monster,
The fake-angel in public display?

Daytime -- I am a scholar, a family man,
A high-counselor, a priest, a policeman,
A charity organizer, an adviser to prophet.

Nighttime -- I remove my robe, not
Afraid to reveal my scars -- looking
For flickering lights only to stumble
Upon the avenue of bonfires,
An invincible but joyously reckless dreamer.

Through smoke and haze,
Pass singing elephants,
Ignore drunken horses,
Where perception and reality
Confuse each other for lovers,
Come and catch me if you can!
I am chasing the dancing butterflies.

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