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Why do we love pets?
Photo essay: Saving pets at Tehran University vet clinic

Noushin Najafi
February 3, 2007

I was raised in a family who had pets. I have seen my family members opening their hearts to their pets rather than their closed friends. I remember clearly these scenes, a man who sat alone in his room and explained his devastated life to a parrot. Or a woman sitting in her kitchen smoking staring outside and talking to her old dog about her life, like gone with the wind. Why do we love pets? Why do we shed a tear for a cat who has passed away? I don't know the answers but I have seen efforts to rescue many pets. Nowadays many Tehrani families have pets. If you take a walk in the streets at nights you could see many people walking with their pets. But the place all these people gather is the veterinary faculty of Tehran University -- a decent and low-price pet clinic with skilful veterinarians.

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