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The departed
Photo essay: Faces in graveyards of Qazvin

Mehdi Vosoughnia
February 22, 2007

Once again, they arein front of a photographer. Now nobody dies for them and nobody falls in love with them. Only their memory comes and goes every now and then. In their time, they would step into a photography atelier to eternalize themselves and today I, the photographer, have stepped into their sanctum to record their photos. When they look at me from the two-dimensional frame of their photos; I feel I should say, "Please smile!" and they smile only for a moment and as soon as I manage to push the shutter I find myself in the atelier; but their photographs have been there for years and the whole affair takes place only in my imagination. The photographs of the present exhibition have been taken during the years 2005 and 2006 in one of the old graveyards of Qazvin. Some of the photos are more than 50 years old. No modification has been made on the photographs.

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