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On the hanging of Hussein, and the death of countless of  Iraqis citizens and 3,000 American soldiers


David McCoy
January 23, 2007

When Brian and I went to see Bush at the Cultural Center, about

half way through he turned to me and said the fanaticism reminded

him of a World War II film he’d just seen on Nazi war rallies.


Even then, neither one of us could have imagined what a quagmire

of death and destruction the war would turn out to be.


Don’t think, though, we are ignorant of the death inflected on his

own people by Hussein;  but to replace one killing machine with

another -- by means of deception and lies -- deserves the same fate.

David B. McCoy is a Social Studies teacher in Massillon, Ohio (USA). For over 25 years, David has run Spare Change Press, which in recent years has focused on publishing Solo Flyer and chapbooks. David is the author of The Geometry of Blue; Ohio Wineries Guidebook; and Voices Behind the Mask.

David McCoy


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