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My mother told me...

Farhad Zaltash
January 17, 2007

My mother told me, "among all
Flowers, pick the white lily," but,
Forgot to tell me of the beauty of the
Wild orchid's gaze in the forest.

My father told me, "We shall serve
This king forever," but, forgot
To tell me of the king's mortality
And that savage mob.

Prophets gave me a book and
Said, "There is no truth outside
Of this," discarding my own
Conscience as if it were not
God's self-image on my face.


In this small island in the middle
Of this vast ocean - my heart's beat
Expands beyond any kingdom,
The touch of that "wild" flower intoxicates
Me beyond any meager "White" one.

At night, when God walks into my heart
To listen to my day's sins he laughs
And says, now that you have
Cut out my middlemen, I should
Charge you a commission,
And I respond, "I will pay as long as
You will listen."



Let Me Tell You Where I've Been
New Writing by Women of the Iranian Diaspora
by Persis M. Karim (Editor)

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