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East kisses West
New York City's underground fashion scene and Iran's young movie stars

Nima Behnoud
January 10, 2006

The concept of hand-modified clothing started when I was 15 with a group of friends. We made hand-distressed denim and held shows in the underground parties in northern Tehran. We sold them to the hipster crowd not to make money but to be cool!

Today same hunger and fascination has turned into an organized clothing line -- NIMANY -- and now my dream is to show the world the magical teenage years that we had in Tehran. My focus is the lifestyle that got developed in the underground scene of Tehran and how modernity was born within an underground layer of a country like Iran.

Unfortunately most of what we are presented today, through the context of Iranian culture and image in the art scene is a melodramatic and sad depiction, referring to a tragic former existence that is no more. That detached and melancholy presentation of the Iranian life style bothers me; not because it does not exist, but because it completely ignores an entirely different face of life and energy, which drives and energizes the youth of Iran.

For this year's campaign I decided to expand the project between New York City's underground fashion scene and Iran's young movie stars, and Bahram and Mitra helped me on this launch... Enjoy!

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