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For Ona Tzar, wherever you are

Tarssa Yazdani
January 20, 2007

Even now when inexplicably

I think of you, something blooms

Like a time-lapse reel of a lush

Unfurling flower

And I awake in a city garden of eyes

Suspended in the faith of lucky moments


My memory is freckled with the dust

Of missing children

And I know the odds of lost to found

But I’ll scan a random street

Downtown despite myself

For a little girl I’m nearly sure

I wouldn’t recognize now


Ona Tzar, I don’t think of you often

But when I do, I wonder where you are

Out among the rangy hipsters

With your books and pearls

I’ll look for you when a word

I’ve heard in passing

Rhymes with your name

And something unexpected blooms again


Tarssa Yazdani


Let Me Tell You Where I've Been
New Writing by Women of the Iranian Diaspora
by Persis M. Karim (Editor)

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