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Every closet


Farhad Zaltash
June 3, 2007

Every closet has a skeleton,
Mine is a cemetery of villains
Buried beneath the surface;
Buried deeper in grounds, my unknown heroes.

The story of King and
His loyal subjects,
Fathers and sons,
Loyalty of blood bonds.

Sometimes a hidden bubble
Of a teardrop,
Sometimes the aftermath
Sensation of an unanswered smile.

Nightmares desperately trying
To redeem a soul, “why didn't I pursue?”
Old man’s defiance of odds
Falling in love so heart-laughter can ensue.

You show up at midnight
When my skeletons dance together,
The art of peaceful coexistence,
“Get rid of those two ugly ones,” you whisper.

Cemetery turns onto a wedding hall
Marrying off one skeleton at a time,
When gypsy-palm-reader shows up,
But always one teardrop at a time.

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Farhad Zaltash


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